Thank you for your interest in “Love. Talk. Play.” materials for families with children birth to age 3. Materials are currently available for ordering by Washington state organizations only. We are working on creating an ecommerce opportunity for other states.

Two pieces are free in limited quantities: 11 x 17 display posters and tri-fold activity posters.

“LOVE.TALK. PLAY.” POSTERS: Use these 11 x 17 display posters to spread the word in your community about the importance of love, talk and play. Great for laundromats, child care centers, grocery stores, community centers, health clinics, pediatrician offices, WIC offices, shelters, food banks and more. (Maximum order: 25 per language)

EVERYDAY WAYS: This tri-fold activity poster (it opens from 4 x 9 to an 11 x 17 poster) is a great way to share ideas on how love, talk and play can be incorporated into everyday activities such as changing a diaper, making a meal or taking a walk. Great for families to hang on a refrigerator, near a changing table or anywhere else! (Maximum order: 100 per language)